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MCS Forms

General Information

 Acknowledgment of Test Security Policy
 Additional State Mental Health Services Resources
 Administering Prescription Medicines to Students
 Agenda Format
 Alternative School Program Guidelines
 Application for Employment of Classified Personnel
 Application for Employment of Professional Personnel
 Article Submission Form
 Bus Driver Vehicle Inspection Sheet Weekly
 Bus Inspection and Driver Reimbursement Form
 Bus Video Recorder Parental Notice
 Checklist for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials
 Checklist for Submitting Requests for Pro. Development
 Checklist for Submitting Requests for Professional Development
 Child Abuse and Neglect Report Form
 Child Custody Parental Access Adm Pro
 Code of Ethics
 Confidentiality Agreement
 Contract for Employment For Professional Personnel
 Contract for Facilities Use
 Criminal History Records Check and Fingerprinting Admin Pro
 Criminal History Records Check and Fingerprinting Reimbursement Form
 Dismissal Hearing Officers 2012
 Duplicating Copyrighted Material
 Employee Emergency Information Sheet
 Employee Grievance Procedures Discrimination Harassment
 Employee Technology Acceptable Use Policy Agreement
 Equal Educational Opportunity Grievance Form
 Equipment Rental Fees
 Evaluation Grievance Form for Licensed Teaching Personnel
 Evaluation Grievance Procedure for Licensed Teaching Personnel
 Facilities Use Application
 Facilities Use Fee Schedule
 Faculty and Staff Use of the Internet
 Federal Programs Purchasing and Procurement Adm Pro
 Field Trip and Bus Request Form
 Field Trip Parental Permission Form
 Follow-Up Documentation For Professional Development
 Fundraising Activity Authorization Request
 Gateway Exams Adm Pro
 Guidelines for Planning Approvable In-Service Education Activities
 Guidelines For Use of Buses Adm Pro
 Guidelines for Visitors
 Head Lice Check List
 Head Lice Parent Letter
 Homebound Education Form
 Homebound Reimbursement Form
 IDEA Notice of Procedural Safeguards
 IDEA Notice of Procedural Safeguards Spanish
 Incarcerated Youths in County Operated Detention Centers For
 Incarcerated Youths in County Operated Detention Centers Form A
 Inservice Verification Form
 Manchester City School District Code of Ethics Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement
 Medical Certification Form
 Nonprofit Entity Form
 Notice of Absences
 Notice of Student Transfer
 Notice of Suspension Alternative School
 Notice of Suspension Out of School
 Organizational Chart
 Parent Concern Complaint Form
 Parent Family Involvement Adm Pro
 Permission and Instructions for Administering Medication
 Personal Affidavit in Lieu of School Insurance
 Procedure For Civil Rights Compliance
 Public Higher Education Fee Discount
 Record of Corporal Punishment
 Religious Exemption From Vaccination
 Report Of Absence Form
 Report of Discrimination or Harassment
 Report of Substitute Teaching
 Reports of Accidents and Injuries
 Request for Exemption from Required Materials
 Request for Non-Sick Leave and Long Term Leave Form
 Request for Professional Development Form
 Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials
 Rules of Bus Behavior
 School Board Self Assessment
 School Library Bill of Rights
 Student Alcohol and Drug Use Situations and Responses
 Student Concern Complaint Form
 Student Equal Access Application
 Student Network and Internet Use Agreement
 Student Personal Communication/Electronic Devices Registration Form
 Student Records Correction Procedures
 Student Records Inspection Form
 Student Records Maintenance Adm Pro
 Student Records Release Authorization Form
 Student Records Request Form
 Student Use of the Network and Internet Terms and Conditions
 Student Concern Complaint Form
 Support Organization Annual Financial Report
 Support Organization Annual Information Form
 Support Organization Annual or Monthly Financial Report
 Support Organization Financial Review and Inspection
 Surplus Property Form
 Surplus Textbook Form
 Surrogate Parent Form
 System Owned Cellular Phone Use Admin Pro
 Teacher Dismissal Legal Duties Rights and Recourse
 Tennessee Testing Code of Ethics
 Textbook Requisition Form
 Tobacco Violation Citation
 Travel Expense Voucher
 Universal Precautions Blood and Body Fluids
 Use of Video Cameras on School Buses
 Web Page Adm Pro
 Workers Compensation Insurance and Claims Approved Doctors