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Dr. Joey Vaughn,
Director of Schools

The Manchester City School District is proud of its legacy of strong academic performance.  We look forward to continuing that tradition in a safe environment that fosters leadership, independence, and scholarship.

Title I

Program Purpose and Design

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The purpose of Tennessee's federally funded Title I, Part A Program is to support local school districts improve teaching and learning for students in high-poverty schools so that these students meet the state's challenging content and performance standards. Title I is one program under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). For more information, visit the web site for compensatory programs or for Title I legislation, regulations and guidance.


 As of November 2011, Tennessee was granted a waiver from the U.S. Department of Education for a more refined system of school and student accountability.  For more information on this go and follow the links. 


Title I schools can operate either as targeted assistance or school wide. Targeted assistance schools identify students who are at risk of not meeting the state's content and performance standards and provide individualized instructional programs to the identified students so that they may meet the state's standards. Schoolwide programs use their funds to improve the entire program of the school so that all students are impacted.


 Title I is the largest federal assistance program for our nation's schools. The goal of Title I is a high-quality education for every child. The program provides extra help to students who need it most. These are children who are the furthest from meeting the standard the state has set for all children. Currently all Title I schools are in good standing under No Child Left Behind guidelines and all instructional staff are highly qualified.

The Title I Program does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, handicap, or age.


ESEA Schoolwide Schools Program Description


A schoolwide program permits a school to use Title I Part A funds to upgrade the school's entire educational program, rather than to target services only on identified children.  By affecting the entire program of instruction, the overall education of all children in the most impoverished Title I schools can be improved.


A school is eligible to be a Title I schoolwide school, if the school so chooses.  A Title I school is eligible to become a schoolwide school by having a 40% or greater poverty rate.  A Title I schoolwide program allows a school to strengthen the entire educational program of a school rather than targeting service to a specific group of children. Each year schools eligible to become schoolwide inform parents of its eligibility and its impending vote by the faculty.  If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Chad Fletcher, Federal Programs Director at 931-723-4704 for additional information.  You may also email him at Title I Schoolwide Schools in the Manchester City School System are College Street Elementary, Westwood Elementary, and Westwood Middle School.



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