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Dr. Joey Vaughn,
Director of Schools

The Manchester City School District is proud of its legacy of strong academic performance.  We look forward to continuing that tradition in a safe environment that fosters leadership, independence, and scholarship.


Manchester City Schools Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedures implement Manchester School Board policy, laws, and regulations. They address how the general goals of the Manchester City School District are achieved and define operation of the District. They include details of policy implementation, responsibility, accountability, and standards of practice. It is the responsibility of the Director of Schools to develop Administrative Procedures.

Administrative Procedures do not require action by the Board, but must be followed by all school personnel until such time as they are changed. Administrative Procedures cannot be contrary to existing local Board Policy, State or Federal law, or Minimum Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Education.

Administrative Procedures are identified using the same descriptor codes as the related Board Policy followed by the suffix (AP). For example, Administrative Procedure 6.300.1(AP) would be related to School Board Policy 6.300 - Student Code of Behavior and Discipline

Questions or comments related to Administrative Procedures should be addressed to Mrs. Sandra Morris at (931) 728-2316 or emailed to

Please check this page often for recently added Administrative Procedures.

Folder Manchester City Schools Administrative Procedures (Click To Expand) (22 Files)
pdf file 1.103.1(AP) - School Board Self Assessment
pdf file 1.106.1(AP) - Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement
pdf file 1.407.1AP) - Accecc To Public Records
pdf file 1.407.2(AP) - Request to Copy Public Documents
pdf file 1.500.1(AP) - Citizen Suggestions and Complaints
pdf file 1.501.1(AP) - Guidelines for Visitors
pdf file 2.401.1(AP) - Annual Report of Gifts and Bequests
pdf file 2.403.1(AP) - Surplus Property Disposal Form
pdf file 2.403.2(AP) - Surplus Textbook/Library Bool/Library Material Disposal Form
pdf file 4.700.1(AP) - Maintaining Test Security
pdf file 5.612.1(AP) - System Owned Cellular Phone Use
pdf file 6.300.1(AP) - Student Code of Discipline and Behavior
pdf file 6.303.1(AP) - Use of Metal Detectors
pdf file 6.3071.1(AP) - Student Alcohol And Drug Use Situations And Response
pdf file 6.308.1(AP) - Rules of Bus Behavior
pdf file 6.308.2(AP) - Use of Video Cameras on School Buses
pdf file 6.308.3(AP) - Notice to Students and Parents Regarding the Use of Video Recorders on School Buses
pdf file 6.503.1(AP) - Programs for Homeless Children
pdf file 6.504.1(AP) - Programs for Migrant Students
pdf file 6.600.1(AP) - Student Records Maintenance
pdf file 6.601.1(AP) - Notice to Manchester City Schools Patrons
pdf file 6.602.1(AP) - Student Records Correction Procedure


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